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Climate Change Endeavours / Sustainability

SESIPL recognizes the difficulties that global warming poses for everyone, and the damage caused by rains and floods around the world. SESIPL works with Fortune 500 companies and IT giants in India. These companies have joined the Carbon Disclosure project, in accordance with their commitment that we, as partners in the field of operations, maintenance and electrical engineering, have a responsibility to align ourselves with the efforts to combat global warming and ensure the sustainability of Mother Earth.

To meet the expectations of our valued clients, SESIPL has become a full time member of the Carbon Disclosure Project. CDP- Some of the actions we have taken are as follows:

  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Rainwater harvesting at our premises
  • Reduction/curtailing in the usage of plastics
  • Proper waste management and disposal
  • Proper handling of scrap at the site where we execute projects
  • Proper utiulisation of water and power at the site thereby helping in reduction of consumption and wasteage.


SESIPL is a company that specializes in electrical projects in various sectors, such as power, oil and gas, infrastructure, water and waste management. SESIPL has a strong presence in India, with a portfolio of over 1000+ projects completed and ongoing.