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Mercedes Benz - Bengaluru

SESIPL is proud to announce the successful completion of the Mercedes Benz project in Bengaluru,

Project Overview

SESIPL is proud to announce the successful completion of the Mercedes Benz project in Bengaluru, a prestigious and challenging assignment that showcases our capabilities and expertise in the field of electrical contracting. The project involved providing end-to-end electrical solutions for a sprawling facility of 5,00,000 square feet, catering to the automotive giant's research and development needs.

Scope of Project

The scope of works for the Mercedes Benz project encompasses electrical installations across the entire facility, which includes offices, labs, testing areas, parking lots, and other amenities. The project includes supply, installation, testing, and commissioning (SITC) of low-tension (LT) electrical components, such as:

  • LT Panels: SESIPL supplied and installed high-quality LT panels to distribute the power supply from the transformers to the various load points in the facility, ensuring reliability and safety of the electrical system.
  • Cables: SESIPL used fire-resistant and low-smoke cables for the power and lighting circuits, complying with the international standards and specifications of the client.
  • Distribution Boards: SESIPL installed modular and compact distribution boards to facilitate the smooth functioning of the electrical load in different areas of the facility, such as offices, labs, testing areas, etc.
  • Raceways and Cable Trays: SESIPL provided and installed efficient and durable raceways and cable trays to support and protect the cables, ensuring neatness and orderliness of the electrical system.
  • Light Fixtures: SESIPL provided and installed a variety of light fixtures, such as LED lights, tube lights, spotlights, and emergency lights, to create a bright and comfortable environment for the employees and visitors of Mercedes Benz.
  • Switches and Sockets: SESIPL fitted stylish and durable switches and sockets to meet the diverse electrical needs of the facility, such as charging devices, operating appliances, and controlling lighting.
  • Other Low-side Electrical Materials: SESIPL also supplied and installed all other essential low-side electrical materials, such as conduits, junction boxes, earthing materials, etc., to ensure a complete and robust electrical system for the facility.


SESIPL has successfully completed this project with utmost professionalism and quality, delivering a state-of-the-art electrical system for Mercedes Benz, Bengaluru. Our dedication and expertise have enabled us to execute this project within the stipulated time frame and budget, exceeding the expectations of our client and their stakeholders. We are honored to have contributed to the growth and innovation of the automotive industry and the development of the city through this project.


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