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HT / LT Installation for Industrial & Commercial premises

We provide complete end to end solutions by offering turnkey electrical installations for industrial and commercial projects. We have very rich and diversified experience in electrical installations.

  • We fulfil requirements of HT substation equipment, LT panels, Cables, Cable trays, lighting, earthing systems, utility power improvement equipment, power factor improvement systems, lightning protection systems, etc.
  • We also cater to industries which produce hazardous chemicals and gases. We have executed hazardous environment projects such as LPG bottling plants, defense explosive manufacturing units, etc.
  • Our project site environment ranges from highly polluted cement producing plants to clean and sterile operation theatres. Our team of engineers and labour force is adept at carrying out operations in such extreme site conditions.


We have executed several projects including data centers, software development parks, retail mega stores, pharmaceutical companies, corporate offices, food processing industries, stock exchanges, textile manufacturing and processing industries, exhibition centers, sports stadium, hotels, etc. With such diverse range of projects requiring adjustment to specific requirements and needs, we consider it as an important gain: An insight into other market segments which enables our engineers and technicians to engage in exchange of information. Such a network results in generating valuable ideas and solutions within our organization.