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The guidelines followed by SESIPL., when setting up large projects of entire electrical works for sites above 50000 square feet. These guidelines are based on the best practices, industry standards, and legal requirements of the electrical contracting sector in India.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for large electrical contracting projects includes the following activities:

  • Designing, planning, and estimating the electrical system for the site, including the load calculation, cable sizing, switchgear selection, earthing system, lighting system, fire alarm system, and backup power system.
  • Procuring, supplying, and installing the electrical equipment, materials, and accessories as per the approved design and specifications.
  • Testing, commissioning, and handing over the electrical system to the client, ensuring its safety, functionality, and compliance with the relevant codes and standards.
  • Providing warranty, maintenance, and after-sales service for the electrical system as per the contract terms and conditions.

Quality Policy

We have strong expertise technical as project management teams. We have sufficient modern equipments for every individual project. Safety, quality, proper coordination, time management is our key points by which we are ahead of the rest. We are always fulfilling our projects within estimated budget planned by client. Time management is the key factor of a project; we believe time management by completion the projects in right time.

SESIPL is dedicated to providing quality service, maintenance as per customer. requirement. We are committed to achieve the above through systematic and providing an Environment which fosters team spirit and provides opportunity for learning creativity and innovation. We are committed to continually improve the quality by creating awareness and Right attitude of employees, providing necessary infrastructure and system to meet Every changing need of customers.


  • Negligible customer complaints
  • To reduce lead time for component development
  • To achieve 100% on time deliveries
  • To achieve phase wise zero defective status
  • Negligible warranty complaints
  • To enhance training activities

Safety Policy

SHANKAR ELECTRICALS SERVICES (I) PVT LTD is committed towards providing a safe working environment to promote the prevention of damage, injury or loss to human beings, environment, materials, equipment’s and property.

We believe that “All accidents are preventable”. Our commitment is towards achievement of “Zero Accident” and we consistently encourage the culture of “THINK SAFETY FIRST”.


  • Compliance towards all applicable EHS Laws, Regulations, Standards & Procedures of state/central governments, clients.
  • Contributing towards a healthy & pollution free environment with the zeal of achievement of 100% eco-friendly process adoption & less than 5% harmful pollution, harmful waste production.
  • Identifying, reporting & eliminating the hazards that could cause accidents, illness or environmental harm.
  • Ensuring appropriate & adequate resources are available to fully implement the EHS Policy.
  • Educating the workforce towards 100% implementation of this policy.

To accomplish this, we will comply with all applicable laws & regulation and strive to integrate health & safety considerations into all respect of our business activities.


These are the guidelines followed by SESIPL., a well established Electrical Contracting company in India, when setting up large projects of entire electrical works for sites above 50000 square feet. These guidelines are aimed at delivering high-quality, safe, and reliable electrical contracting services to the clients, while adhering to the best practices, industry standards, and legal requirements of the sector. The company welcomes any feedback, suggestions, or queries from the clients and stakeholders regarding these guidelines.


SESIPL is a company that specializes in electrical projects in various sectors, such as power, oil and gas, infrastructure, water and waste management. SESIPL has a strong presence in India, with a portfolio of over 1000+ projects completed and ongoing.