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Defect Tracking

Defect Tracking

Defect Tracking Solutions provided by SESIPL

Identification and Documentation: SESIPL's defect tracking starts with identifying and documenting defects in electrical work. Quality assurance professionals inspect at different stages, documenting details such as defect nature, location, and responsible person for rectification.

Prioritization and Assignment: Once the defects are documented, they are prioritized based on their severity and impact on the overall electrical system. The defects are then assigned to the appropriate teams or individuals for rectification. The assignment process is also tracked in the system, ensuring accountability and timely resolution.

Rectification and Verification: The assigned teams work on rectifying the defects as per the set guidelines. After the rectification, a verification process is carried out to ensure that the defect has been properly addressed. This verification process is crucial to ensure the quality and safety of the electrical work.

Client Communication: SESIPL believes in maintaining transparency with its clients. Therefore, the clients are kept informed about the defects identified and the steps taken for their rectification. This communication helps in building trust and ensures that the clients are aware of the work progress.

Continuous Improvement: The defect tracking process is not just about identifying and rectifying defects. It also serves as a tool for continuous improvement. By analyzing the defects, the company can identify patterns and take proactive measures to prevent such defects in the future. This approach helps in improving the quality of services and enhancing client satisfaction.

SESIPL also provides continuous defect tracking services as a service to large corporations for safety audit compliance.


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