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Bosch 603 & 605 - Bengaluru

SESIPL is proud to present our latest project, Bosch 603 & 605, Bengaluru,

Project Overview

SESIPL is proud to present our latest project, Bosch 603 & 605, Bengaluru, where we have provided comprehensive electrical solutions for a massive facility of the leading automotive company. We have delivered high-quality electrical installations across 1.1 million square feet of office and industrial space, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and aesthetics of the premises.

Scope of Project

The scope of works for the Bosch 603 & 605 project encompasses supply, installation, testing, and commissioning (SITC) of low-tension (LT) electrical components, such as:

  • Rising Mains: SESIPL installed reliable and efficient rising mains to distribute power vertically throughout the building, ensuring adequate voltage and current levels for each floor.
  • Bus Bar Trunking (BBT): SESIPL used BBT as an alternative to conventional cabling, offering greater flexibility, safety, and energy efficiency. BBT is a modular system of prefabricated bus bars enclosed in protective casings that can be easily installed and modified.
  • LT Panels: SESIPL supplied and installed LT panels to control and monitor the power distribution network, providing protection against overloads, short circuits, and earth faults. LT panels also enable switching and isolation of individual circuits and devices.
  • Cables: SESIPL laid and terminated various types of cables, such as armored, unarmored, fire-resistant, and flame-retardant cables, to suit the different applications and environments of the facility. We ensured proper sizing, routing, and labeling of the cables, as well as adherence to the relevant standards and codes.
  • Distribution Boards: SESIPL fitted distribution boards to divide the electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, providing a convenient point for circuit breakers, fuses, and meters. Distribution boards also help in fault detection and isolation of faulty circuits.
  • Light Fixtures: SESIPL provided and installed a variety of light fixtures, such as LED lights, tube lights, spotlights, and emergency lights, to create a bright and comfortable environment for the employees and visitors of Bosch. We also installed occupancy sensors and dimmers to optimize the lighting levels and save energy.
  • Switches and Sockets: SESIPL fitted stylish and durable switches and sockets to meet the diverse electrical needs of the facility, such as charging devices, operating appliances, and controlling lighting.
  • Other Low-side Electrical Materials: SESIPL also supplied and installed all other essential low-side electrical materials, such as conduits, junction boxes, earthing materials, etc., to ensure a complete and robust electrical system for the facility.


SESIPL has successfully completed this project with utmost professionalism and quality, delivering a state-of-the-art electrical system for Bosch, Bengaluru. Our dedication and expertise have enabled us to execute this project within the stipulated time> and budget, exceeding the expectations of our client and their stakeholders. We are honored to have contributed to the growth and innovation of the automotive industry and the development of the city through this project.


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